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2008 Ford ESCAPE
11 Days 19:20:21 Left
Mileage: 135200
Location: Montpelier
2005 Mercedes-Benz G-Class
5 Days 15:28:31 Left
Condition:Pickup / Truck
Mileage: 88500
Location: Dallas
2002 Chevrolet IMPALA
12 Days 17:53:00 Left
Mileage: 104209
Location: Chippewa Falls
2005 Lotus Elise
4 Days 15:53:57 Left
Mileage: 49665
Location: Salt Lake City
2007 Dodge CALIBER
2 Days 16:59:03 Left
Mileage: 171784
Location: Aurora
2005 Mercedes-Benz E-CLASS
2 Days 17:59:39 Left
Mileage: 118438
Location: Gardena
2011 Cadillac CTS 4X2 V6 PREMIUM
3 Days 14:54:40 Left
Mileage: 50611
Location: San Diego
2007 Volvo XC90
7 Days 05:13:11 Left
Mileage: 136450
Location: Baltimore

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Adaline. F

My dad and I accidentally found this place while we were looking for a present for my sister who had recently graduated high school. While I was looking at the wide range of cars I couldn't help but notice how affordable they are and how easy getting a car from here is. My dad used to tell me it'll be a tough experience for me since buying a car is a very hard decision with lots of worries and paper work. Luckily, It wasn't supposed to happen with us here. I would definitely recommend Off Lease Cars to anyone in US looking to buy a great car, at a great price and receive a great customer service.

Feb 18th 2016
Darril G.

I recently dealt with off lease cars for my first time and I was very pleased with the experience. I talked with the owners, I contacted the customer service via live chat and all of them told me the truth about the car I was interested in. At first I couldn't believe that the car I wanted had such a low starting price at the auction, so I didn't make a bid on it. After 5 days when the auction was almost over I decided to take a chance, and became the highest bidder. The very next day I was announced that I won the car, and I couldn't believe it, the car I wanted was mine and I had to pay for it such a low price. Thank you!

June 16th 2015
Dustin H.

Finally I found a place where I can think on my own about the purchase I want to make, and no one was disturbing me in this process. I bought my Kia Optima from here not just because it had a good price, or because of its good condition, one of the main reasons was because I was able to browse freely. I told myself I won't ever get back to irritatingly aggressive sales experience, that I've received from other dealerships and thanks to you I kept my promise.

May 4th 2015
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